Wednesday, May 16, 2001

I am mad at the world today. I am so scared that someone may try talking to me because I know that I cannot deal with anyone today. Maybe if I put my headphones on no one will bother me. I don't know why I am so upset. I am not doing well with stress lately. i hate everything that is in my head. and the next few months will only get worse. writing this is not helping either. i just need to scream

Monday, April 23, 2001

Today is going well. I have too much work to do which makes me happy. I just spoke to some people at a Dojo in Emeryville; I'm going to try jujitsu or something else. Knowing me, I'll probably hate it but it sounds fun to try. God, maybe I will actually like it -- could it be possible that I might think some kind of exercise is fun?!?!

I was sad last night and this morning. Wesley thinks I'm hiding something but truly I'm not. Sometimes I'm just sad and a little bit lonely. But, I'm strong and I bounce back pretty quickly. I'm not sure he's convinced of that yet.

I'm super excited about all my plans for the week. It feels good to have things to do and that my life involves more than work. I have a couple different martial arts classes to try, dinner with my neighbor, and training for the neo-natal kitten nursery at the SPCA (yay!!!). Before I know it, it will be Friday and time to relax again. I think I'll need it!

Friday, April 20, 2001

I decided Wesley doesn't suck as much as he did earlier today. He still sucks a little though and will have to give me a super good backrub so as to be in my favor again. :)
Happy hour is soon. THANK GOD! We get free wine because we survived harassment training. My eye is still twiching. I'm sure it is deadly -- blindness, polio, spinal meningitis (it is always spinal meningitis). Anne Marie thinks blogger is dumb. She doesn't believe I need any more ways to complain. yeah well.
I had two pickles and raspberry juice for lunch today. Wes wants to know what "thoughts from beyond china" means -- I won't tell. Our office just had harassment training so we are all doing our best to harass each other. Carpet-munchers, baby-killers, and puppy-kickers are popular terms.
My eye is twitching and Wes is lame and I'm sick of work and my tea is cold and my right hand is freezing (not my left though) and when will this day be over???